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      Wuhan Hualong Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangxin Science and Education Group. It is located in Hualong Biotechnology Park, Dongxihu District, Wuhan with a total coverage area of 69907 m2 and a building area of 17,000 m2. There are tens of thousand Chinese acres of farmland to the east of the factory and the Han River with eternal constant current to the south.The No. 107 National Highway is just 3km from the factory in the north, and the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway is just 5km from the factory. Therefore, the company has convenient transportation, beautiful environment and fresh air. It is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of bio-pharmaceuticals, biochemical drugs, genetic engineering medicines and other high-tech biological drugs.  

      Over the years, the company has gathered a number of loyal employees: the total number of existing staff is 236 persons, of which, there are 90 persons with academic degrees above associate degree, 4 persons with Ph.D. degree, 5 persons with Mast degree, 11 persons with senior titles, 31 persons with intermediate titles, 36 licensed pharmacists and 23 new drug researchers. All employees work diligently to contribute to the development of the company.  

      The company passed the GMP certification issued by National Food and Drug Administration in Dec. 2000. Now there are 62 different products, of which, the high-tech products represented by (Feikexuenong) polygeline (plasma substitute) injection have been the bestsellers among similar products in China.  

      The company has more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, adhering to Hualong's business philosophy of “practical, innovative, honest, and win-win”, with the tenet of “respecting life and caring for health”, shouldering the responsibility of “contributing to society and benefiting the locals”. Adhering to the belief that talent being the key to success, quality being the lifeline of the enterprise, market being the basis of survival, and innovation being the source of development!  

      After the development of more than a decade, Wuhan Hualong Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has become a bright pearl of Hubei bio-pharmaceutical industry. The company has successively won the following titles:  

★  A undertaker of National Torch Plan projects;

★  A undertaker of "national key new products" of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Environmental Protection; 

★ "High-tech Enterprise" of Provincial Science and Technology Department, Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau;

★ "Hundred Star Enterprise" of Wuhan Private Technology Enterprises 

★ "Advanced Unit in Quality Management " of Wuhan Food and Drug Administration

★ A "Unit with Good Pharmaceutical Safety Credit" of China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association(CBPIA);

★ "Top 3 Biochemical Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in China" of Provincial Bureau

★ "China's first development of poly-gelatin peptide injection---gelatin plasma substitutes" technical achievements were awarded "the first in the manufacturing industry in Wuhan."  

      Our products are designed to ensure the health of the people that the product quality is related to the physical and mental health of each patient. Only the products with few side effects, therapeutic effects, reliable and stable quality, can help patients to relieve suffering and save lives. Therefore, the product quality is the life of the company.  

      Constant innovation is a must for an enterprise which wants maintains its youth. Innovation is the eternal theme of the company, it is the fresh blood with oxygen. It is needed to establish full-range concept of innovative ideas among all employees. Along with the development of the company, constant innovation in ideology, management and concept shall become a must for the company to maintain its leading position in the tide of market economy.

      The management philosophy of Wuhan Hualong is "people-oriented",to strengthen personnel training and formulate human resources development strategy is the cornerstone of long-term healthy development of the company, and "truth-seeking,innovation,integrity and win-win" is considered as the essence of corporate culture. All the employees of the company shall always remember that "good quality of our products is the security of patients lives".The company is striving to creating the well-received images of Hualong and laying the centenary foundation for the future of the company.

    Company Address  :   Hulong Biotechnology Park, Xinhuaji, Zoumaling Street, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R. China
    Sales  Hotline:027-65681079 65681245 65681067 13995524038   FAX: 027-65681343
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