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                                                 Message from the Chairman


      Our company is located in Wuhan, a very famous commercial city along the Yangtze River. Through the development of more than a decade, our company has become a dazzling pearl in the biopharmaceutical industry.

     Since its inception, our company has determined to create a learning and innovative company, a socially-responsible enterprise and an enterprise with core competitiveness; Our company has always been a law-abiding and legitimately-operating enterprise that we are always adhering to the business concept of innovation and pioneering spirit, taking priority in product quality, and consistently upholding the corporate values of "Creating a health career by virtue of quality products". We have gathered a number of talents with lofty ideals that we are striving to assuming the heavy responsibility for serving the health of the people, producing safe, effective and quality-controlled products to serve the entire community and meet the needs of national health development.

     The enterprise shall serve the community, and it can not be separated from the community. In order to better contribute to the community, please do not to hesitate to give us some advices so that we can grow up continuously and serve the community better.


      The development of Hualong can not be without your support !


      The future of Hualong belongs to all who care about him  !

    Company Address  :   Hulong Biotechnology Park, Xinhuaji, Zoumaling Street, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R. China
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